Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sisters 2018

When your beloved sister ties you the Rakhi, the worst thing you can do is turn up empty handed.
You are thinking about giving her cash?
Come on, you’re better than that.
Here are some awesome and thoughtful gift ideas for giving to your sister this Raksha Bandhan.
You could go with the traditional jewellery or stuff like that but come on, you’re better than that.
Who knows, maybe she’ll love you more than anything after you give her these awesome gifts for Raksha Bandhan.

Gift Card



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You know, sometimes you try to go overboard, pampering your sister with gifts worth thousands, but still something feels incomplete. Well, a simple gift card could do the trick. Why spend so much, when you can do something even better with a plain old gift card.
She’ll surely love the card you give her. Make sure that you get your emotions across to her.
And if you’re good at art and craft, make one yourself.
Works best if you are young ( Code for not earning yet) and/or your sister is sensitive and would love a thoughtful gift for Raksha Bandhan.

Tech Gifts

It is understandable that if you sister is a tech geek, gift her the obvious, tech.
No need to shell out tens of thousands of rupees, you could make do with cool stuff like this.

Mi Band

Its cool and its inexpensive.
What more do you need?
Plus, it works great if your sister is fitness conscious.


 This is the perfect gift if your sister loves reading.
If she doesn’t, maybe it’s time you compelled her to.
Either way, it makes up for a great gift.



Gift her this!
Especially if she’s got a plasma TV which is not a Smart TV
Then, you can even stay connected through Skype.
You’ll feel great.

Solar Power Charger


Gift her this if she’s a traveler.
Plus, it’s great for the environment too.
If she loves going outside, she will love this charger.
Oh, and if she’s an environmental geek, she won’t forget your cool gift for ages.

Invisible Ink Pen


Great gift if you want to prank her.
Give it to her without the light that reveals the writing.
After she’ll be like Oh cool a pen.
Then she’ll be like Wait this doesn’t write. How could my brother gift me such a thing.
Then you give her the light.
Then she’ll be like I’m sorry for thinking bad about you brother.
Note, that this is a completely imaginary scenario.
Your sister may react differently.
Hey, she’s your sister, not mine.
So those were some nifty tech gifts for your tech freak sister.
Now lets move to another section, that most people would give.


Buy Beautiful Clothes for your sister in Our Store : RoyalStudio Store

This is a weird section.
Weird because we can’t really help you find the best clothes for your sister.
Sure, best cards, tech, or even something else, but clothes.
Only you can find clothes for her.
Probably because each woman is unique, and not all clothes can look good on all women.
Besides, clothes are such a cliche.
Try finding something else.



 Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sisters

Nah, dude.
Way too expensive.
Way too old fashioned.
But the thing is, most women like jewellery. Chances are, you sister’s one of them.
So shell out some big bucks this year.
She’ll always remember it.
Besides, she’s your sister man.
You can do anything for her happiness.

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