Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018 Wishes,Quotes,SMS,Greetings

Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes,Quotes,SMS,Greetings

It is that time of the year again.The time when brothers and sisters bond with each other and share love.It is time for Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes again.We at http://www.happy-image-wallpapers.com have come together to celebrate this occasion.We have brought forth the best Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes for you, to celebrate this festival of Raksha Bandhan with love and good spirit in heart.So without further ado, here are some of the best Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes

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happy raksha bandhan 2018IM

Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Its hard to describe all the love and happiness you’ve given me.
But through this message, I try.
Hope you find the best in yourself this Rakhi.
Happy Raksha Bandhan
Dear sister, I know that you are away from me,
but I it is my deepest wish that you tie me that Rakhi.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Sweet Raksha Bandhan Poems

When the world goes dark,
and no light is around,
When I lose hope,
and only despair is around,
I’ll remember your love, dear sibling,
I’ll remember the days we spent together, the memories we made,
The sweet innocent life we had, and those wondrous days when we lived together.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes from the depths of my heart.
Have a wonderful future ahead.
I wish you the best for your life and wish you huge amounts of love.
Even though I won’t be there to tie you Rakhi this time,
I’ll always be there in spirit.
Your sister.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes
The love of a sister for a brother is greater than any other.
Wishing you a very very happy Raksha Bandhan 
You are the sweetest sister in the world.

No one else can match your love.
Happy Raksha Bandhan

All those times when we teased each other, made fun of each other,
Pale in comparison to my love for you.
Wishing you a very happy and sweet Raksha Bandhan.
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Raksha Bandhan Quotes

A sibling is a friend God gave you. Your heart has a sibling companion for you.

– Maxim

On the off chance that I can choose the best sibling, I’ll take you!

– Catherine Pulsifer

As we grew up, my brothers and sisters in because they could not have cared less.

However, I knew they were special in mind for me.

– Catherine Pulsifer

My brother, sister, someone who I know I can count just on.

– Catherine Pulsifer

My younger brother, sister, can ever develop up … I’d think not.

– Catherine Pulsifer

My younger brother, sister, can ever develop up … I’d think not.

– Battalion Keillor

It snowfall a year ago as well. I made a snowman and my brother stick it down and I stick with my sibling down and then we had tea.

– Dylan Thomas

Then a young lady who worked in his younger siblings, his attorneys are very much like brothers and sisters.

– Astrid Alauda

A sibling is a friend given by nature.

– Jean Baptiste Legouve

It takes two people to make a sibling.

Israel Zangwill

There is a young man inside the man, my brothers and sisters …

Gracious, how I hate that man. What’s more, how I love him as well.

– Anna Quindlen

We wish you a Happy Raksha Bandhan Ahead

Happy Raksha Bandhan Poems

Sweet Raksha Bandhan Poem

Thank you dear brother,
For lighting up my life,
Thank you dear brother,
For being the moon in the night,
That you dear brother,
For always making me smile,
Thank you dear brother,
For being my shining, gleaming light.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Thoughtful Rakhi Poem

Dear sister,
I miss our innocent days,
When little things used to make us smile,
When even smaller things make us fight and cry,
When life was without worries,
And that Rakhi you tied me was the greatest thing ever.
Dear sister,
Thank you for those amazing times we spent together,
and those even better times that are to come.
A Very Happy Raksha Bandhan to you.

May our love carry on,

Till death do us part.

Melanchony Raksha Bandhan Poem

Its funny how sometimes,
We forget the ones who matter
And cherish the ones who don’t.
How we try to live our life,
in a mess of fake joys and
False achievements and fading hopes,
When we ought to live more,
And love more.
So this year,
From the deepest depths of my heart,
Very Very Happy Raksha Bandhan,
To someone who truly matters,
Maybe even matters,
The most.

“Big Brother”- Raksha Bandhan Poem

I look into your face big brother,
I wonder what we’ll do,
When I am big enough to stand,
And one day play with you.
I look into your face big brother,
and give a great big smile,
I love it when you spend time with me
And play with me awhile.
I look into your face big brother,
I’m watching all you do ,
I cannot wait until I grow up
And be a big kid just like you.

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