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If Diwali is also one of your favourite like me then it’s good since this blog is going to cite some facts why Diwali is one of the favourite festivals of many people not in India but all around the world. What do you think why people love it? Diwali is not a festival 5 days but I thinks it’s a festival of 30 days. Do you know why? Let me explain, we start to get into the celebration from the first day of Navratri and it goes to Bhai Dooj and Goverdhan. Since, there is a gap of between Dusshera and Diwali more than 20 days. And these all 20 days, we all get engaged into decoration and repairing of the house. And that’s why the festival of light –Diwali become a celebration of 30 days.


Renovation plays a wide a role to make us please since who would not like to live not only in sweet but beautiful house and renovation& decoration makes it perfect to live in. It’s one of the major reasons that why people love to celebrate Diwali with a great pomp and show.


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Apart from it, Diwali is one and only festival where we love to spend a good amount of money on shopping. Be it apparels, jewellery, decorative or items, and purchasing on the auspicious occasion of Diwali is considered good. Girls love shoppingand when it comes to buy Diwali dress, no one wish to slip this chance from their hands.

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Diwali infuses us with great enthusiasm. Cleaned home, decorated kitchen, shopping of gifts, apparels, everything make us happy from inside. To start something new, people watch this occasion throughout the year since it considered very auspicious to kick off something new be it buying home, vehicle or jewellery.


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Another reason that makes Diwali special is we get some time to spend with our loved once. Diwali is listed in the list of gazetted holidays. So, it’s the time you are allowed to take off. People make their schedule to meet their loved once who are not living next to their doors. It’s considered auspicious to gift them presents, sweets etc. In the evening, the grand Pooja of Laxmi-Ganesha is performed which bring positivity to the devotees’ house. Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and brings a lot of prosperity to the peoples’ house.

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Thus, there is not one and only reason but there are many which make this festival very special in our life. So, what is about you? Have you done Diwali shopping or still waiting? If not, then don’t worry there is a lot of time. But if you are not able to find out time for shopping, you can go for online shopping. In this fast paced life, online shopping makes easy to purchase anything without facing any difficulties. You just need to choose and the good will be delivered to your doorstep within limited time. So, be smart on this Diwali.